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Xicaru Pechuga Mezcal Tasting Notes
Appearance Clarity Pure & clean
Legs Medium
Color Translucent
Nose Condition Presence of ripe banana, fresh bread, nuts, chocolate and ground chiles add an extra layer of aroma to the naturally smoky and vegetal maguey
Development The nose is balanced, multifaceted and intriguing
Character Elegant, aromatic, and concentrated
Palate Sweetness Semi-sweet
Body Full
Intensity Bold flavor and feel
Mouthfeel Round, complex and rich
Character Harmonious, multifaceted & lively
Alcohol Assertive & balanced
Finish Delightful, long and lasting
Conclusion Quality The chicken pechuga and savory-sweet mole negro add extra layers of flavor and texture to the vegetal and smoky characteristics of this traditional mezcal, resulting in a remarkably multifaceted flavor and rich mouth-feel
Origin Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico

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