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Butterfly Classic Absinthe Tasting Notes
Appearance Clarity Light peridot
Legs Slow, small and long
Color Peridot, turning milky white when louched with a slight hint of light pastel green
Nose Condition Delicate citrus and spice
Development Initially sweet and floral, further layers unveil themselves with earthy lemon and spice
Character A sweet mix of the absinthe “trinity” (wormwood, anise, fennel) with the additional balance of spice and citrus
Palate Sweetness Up front and always present
Body Very full-bodied
Intensity Medium to bold
Mouthfeel (louched) Full bodied, velvety
Character A balance of sweetness and spice — Sweetness from anise and fennel is juxtaposed with a peppery and bright blend of crisp wormwood, mint and citrus
Alcohol 65%
Finish Lingering spice and citrus
Conclusion Quality Unique and complex absinthe that is naturally sweet
Origin Pre-prohibition style American absinthe crafted in Couvet, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland

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