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Delirio AÑejo Mezcal

— Meticulously handcrafted —
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Mezcal Delirio de Oaxaca is meticulously handcrafted under the supervision of master distiller Fernando Santibañez. After 25 years of working for large international companies mass producing rum, brandy and tequila, Fernando decided to return to his roots in Oaxaca to make artisanal mezcal. His goal is to bring this legendary spirit to consumers around the world. He uses specific criteria to select quality growers and distillers based on heritage, tradition, experience and terroir. Fernando personally oversees every step of the process to ensure the final product consistently meets his defined specifications. Delirio de Oaxaca reflects Fernando’s passion for making spirits by hand and with care.

This añejo is produced at a traditional palenque in Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, by Ricardo Gonzalez, a fourth generation grower and distiller. Delirio de Oaxaca Añejo is made from two naturally cultivated agaves: Agave espadin and Agave madre cuishe. After approximately seven years, the agave is harvested by hand and cooked for three days in an underground stone oven heated with mesquite and copal. The cooked agave is then mashed by the tahona method and naturally fermented in open pine vats. Following fermentation, the must is double-distilled in copper alembics, aged for a minimum of 12 months in moderately toasted new American white oak casks, filtered and precisely blended to 80 proof. The final product has a robust woody profile with elegant sweet notes from aging in new casks and thin fruity notes from the blending of two agaves.

Miahuatlán, Oaxaca
Espadin, madre cuishe
Copper alembic
Conical stone
Mesquite, copal
New oak
Tahona method
12-15 months

Tasting Notes
Delirio Añejo is the handcrafted result of a union of 100% Agave espadin and Agave madre cuishe which grant rich notes of agave, citrus fruits and sweetness. This añejo possesses a robust mezcal aroma combined with notes of copal and mesquite used during the agave cooking and sweetness from the new, medium toasted casks of American oak. The reddish golden color and full-grown appearance can only be obtained by means of traditional production processes, different types of agave, and aging in new casks; these award a wealth of aromas only found in Delirio de Oaxaca Añejo.
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