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Xicaru Silver Mezcal

This double distilled mezcal, produced in small batches with traditional methods, showcases the 100% Agave espadin from which it’s made.

Xicaru Reposado Mezcal

Barrel aging naturally imparts both the straw
color and subtle sweet notes
that complement
the unique characteristics of a traditional mezcal.

Xicaru Añejo Mezcal

Fernando Santibañez respectfully combines the traditions of mezcal with those of barrel aging to create a unique expression
of Xicaru.

Xicaru Silver 102° Mezcal

With Xicaru Silver 102° Fernando Santibañez honors the tradition of master mezcaleros, who prize the concentrated characteristics of high-proof mezcals.

Delirio Joven Mezcal

100% Agave espadin and meticulously handcrafted. Robust profile with aroma of agave, soft fruit notes and semi-smoked character.

Delirio Reposado Mezcal

100% Agave espadin and meticulously handcrafted. Soft profile with aroma of agave and discreet smoke notes.

Delirio Añejo Mezcal

100% Agave
espadin / madre cuishe and meticulously handcrafted. Robust woody profile with elegant sweet and fruity notes.

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