Tasting & Technical Notes
Clarity: Pure
Legs: Medium
Color: Translucent
Condition: Strong characteristics of a traditional smoky mezcal
Development: Rich vegetal notes and a tinge of smoke that complements these flavors without overwhelming the balance
Character: Robust, firm traditional mezcal
Sweetness: None
Body: Substantial
Intensity: Deep-rooted
Mouthfeel: Multifaceted
Character: Earthy, rich vegetal and smoky
Alcohol: Low
Finish: Lasting
Quality: Rich agave notes with smoky character of a
traditional mezcal
Origin: Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico


Xicura Silver reflects Fernando Santibañez’s desire to share a mezcal that is approachable and distinct. Using his grandmother’s recipe, he showcases the Agave espadin from which it is made. The pure appearance and substantial body result from traditional methods used in the production process. The finished aroma is natural and robust; a combination of agave, mesquite and ocote. The unique alcohol content of 40.5% is not dominant and allows the agave flavors to thrive. Earthy characteristics on the front palate give way to citrus and rich vegetal agave notes that finish distinctively clean. A tinge of smoke complements these qualities without overwhelming the delicate balance found
in Xicaru.
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