Tasting & Technical Notes
Clarity: Pure
Legs: Long
Color: Translucent
Condition: Strong characteristics of artisanal mezcal
Development: Rich warm notes and a tinge of smoke that complements these flavors without overwhelming the balance
Character: Robust, firm artisanal mezcal
Sweetness: None
Body: Substantial
Intensity: Deep-rooted
Mouthfeel: Bold
Character: Rich, crisp and smoky
Alcohol: High
Finish: Warm and lasting
Quality: Agave notes with warm strong character of artisanal mezcal
Origin: Valles Centrales, Oaxaca, Mexico


The crisp, high proof of Xicaru Silver 102° asserts itself in all aspects, dominating on the nose and palate before gradually softening to the rich, smoky and vegetal notes of traditionally-produced, artisanal mezcal. The finish is warm and lasting.
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