Tasting & Technical Notes
Clarity: Translucent
Legs: Medium
Color: Straw / natural caramel
Condition: Dominant characteristics of a traditional smoky mezcal with delicate vanilla
Development: Sweet caramel blended with a tinge of smoke that complements these flavors without overwhelming the balance
Character: Robust, firm traditional mezcal
Sweetness: Gentle honey and vanilla
Body: Substantial
Intensity: Deep-rooted
Mouthfeel: Multifaceted
Character: Vanilla and smoky
Alcohol: Low
Finish: Lasting
Quality: Rich agave notes with smoky character of a traditional mezcal blended with gentle sweet vanilla and natural caramel
Origin: Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico


Barrel aging naturally imparts both the straw color and subtle sweet notes that complement the unique characteristics of a traditional mezcal. The herbal, smoky taste of the cooked agave is softened on the palate by the delicate tinge of vanilla and caramel. This beautifully rounded flavor finishes smoothly and cleanly.
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